Get comfortable in your own skin. And everything underneath.

During the course of my life I’ve been called “too big” and “too scrawny”. But the real truth lies somewhere in between. Regardless of size, I always find the perfect balance when moving my body. It brings me joy. And now, I’m inviting you to move yours. In a way that provides you joy—at my place.

A lifelong athlete, marathon runner, triathlete and fun and adventure‐seeker, I’m bringing my 27 years of fitness experience to bear on the Rochester community with the opening of my own studio. It’s been a lifelong dream—hard fought, just the way I like it.

Like you, fitness is just one part of my life. That’s why I’ve combined spa, salon, nutrition, relaxation and athletic restorative services. It’s like nothing else in Rochester. Not just because of the services, but because of my staff.

I’ve handpicked a tribe of experts that I’ve watched, trained with and admired over the years. They blow me away. You’ll recognize the faces; I know they are some of your favorites as well. Together, we’ll drive your body past the inherent limitations you think it has. And then we will restore and nurture both the body and mind to the balanced and rejuvenated state it deserves and requires—all under one roof.

And now, the only thing missing—is you.

So, come as you are. I don’t care if you have this season’s monogrammed Lulus or crappy secondhand sneakers—everybody’s welcome. All that you need is a desire to take a chance, make a change and suffer through my corny jokes as I push you to your limits.

I might yell some choice words at you along the way—telling you to get your ass in gear and whatnot. But, as we both know—it’s not about what I say about you. It’s about what you think of yourself, isn’t it? I’m just giving you the space to figure it out.

Stop in and define yourself.


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