90 Day Jumpstart

90 days is simply a jump start to a Forever You.

Miracles can—and have—happened in 90 days but in order to sustain the results, it is crucial to involve your entire lifestyle.

Our goal is to M/Power you in less than 90 days to create a lifelong attitude change where fitness and health doesn’t need to be a special “challenge”…it simply becomes part the forever you.

Program includes:

Nutrition Component:

  • Individualized dietary calculation assessment (REE, daily kcals needs),
  • Individualized kcal template
  • 14 days of menus
  • List of rules/recommendations
  • Six 60-minute group nutrition sessions
  • Measurements taken every 4 weeks
  • Weekly coaching from dietitian via email/text/phone
  • For more specific information or in-depth, one-on-one nutrition counseling, trips to the grocery store or revamping of the home pantry, fridge, etc., private sessions with a dietitian are available at the discounted rate of $60/hr.

Fitness Component:

  • Individualized fitness assessment
  • 5 group classes per week
  • 6 “Jump Starter”-select small group training sessions
  • Weekly coaching from trainer via email/text/phone

Baseline fee for 90-Day Jump Start Session: $ 695


6/1200-1600 kcal individualized ready-made meals per week: Add $55/week. 6/1800-2400 kcal individualized ready-made meals per week. Add $110/week (all picked up by Jump Starter at M/ Body)

12/1200-1600 kcal individualized meals per week ready-made: Add $115/week. 12/1800-2400 kcal individualized ready-made meals per week. Add $170/week (all picked up by Jump Starter at M/Body)

Full-day Plan (6 breakfasts, 12 meals, 6 snacks): For 1200-1600 kcal Add $175/week. For 1800-2400 kcal, add $230/week.

*Vegan and gluten-free plans available for slight increase in price. We will consult individually on these plans.

Your journey has begun.

And, for many of you, the hardest part is over. You have made the choice to better yourselves. You have chosen yourself for once and are prioritizing your best interest. That is not an easy task. For others…the hardest part will come when you have to weigh in and get measured. Still others…when you hit that plateau mid-journey and want to give up.

What we will never take for granted or disregard is what heroes you are for initiating this change in your lives and how challenging it can be at times.

We continue to be amazed, humbled and motivated by the strength of our M/ Power warriors. And you are now a part of that strong group!