M/Body gathered and trained top fitness instructors from various disciplines—professionally trained dancers, Pilates instructors and yoga devotees to hone and perfect our branded M/Barre program.

For those not familiar with this transformational fitness regimen…M/Barre combines Pilates, body weight and strength conditioning with some yoga and ballet moves to give you elongated, sculpted, lean muscles—without the impact, risk and injuries ballet dancers often experience.

It’s about both the physical and aesthetic benefits of lengthening and strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had. Another critical aspect of M/Barre is the integrity and focus it demands. This focus helps center your workout and ideally spills out into your life outside the studio.

As the Barre fitness pioneer in our area, we’ve literally “set the barre” to that exceptionally high level. Pun absolutely intended. Seriously, this is the kind of thing you will hear when you walk through our doors. Fair warning. That’s all we’re sayin’.



Far from an “easy”-level class, we are just going to break down the formatting and moves of the class to provide an essential base from which you can effectively and purposefully build your barre practice. It is highly recommended that every participant take at least three basic classes to begin their M/Barre practice.

Open Level

This is a mixed level class. A more advanced version using a wider variety of exercises and longer, more intense exercise sequences. Participants will receive individual instruction based on their level of strength and development.

Class Schedule