At M/Body, we believe that yoga can be made accessible to everybody. Emphasizing anatomic alignment and integrity, we challenge the physical limits of our clients while keeping safety at the forefront. Instructors skillfully integrate movement (asana), breath (pranayama) and relaxation with the aim to mitigate stress and promote longevity. Classes aim to combine these two in order to maximize strength, centering and relaxation.

While the variety of M/Body yoga class offerings are diverse, yoga instructors have been carefully selected for their singular attention to excellence. Authentic yoga – everyday.

We’ve built our offerings around these categories you’ll see indicated on class schedules.

  • Practice (P) – practice what you already know
  • Instructional (I) – learn how to do it
  • Foundational (F) – asanas are carefully deconstructed in order to connect part to whole
  • Vinyasa (V) – asanas are continuous and linked to the breath




Beginning – You will learn the foundations of a mindful yoga practice, with a focus on reestablishing proper postural patterns and healthy breathing techniques, and cultivating relaxation. Geared toward those new to yoga, or those seeking a milder, moderately-paced practice.

Continuing – You will build upon the foundation of a more established practice, with a focus on refining poses and alignment, exploring more complex poses, and delving further into a mindful space. Geared toward those with at least six months of practice experience. Intermediate- You will reinforce the basics, refine the more challenging and turn it all upside down. Inversions, seated forward bends and backbend variations will be taught in this class. Geared toward those with a regular, committed practice.

Practice –Get a bird’s eye view, and an invitation into your instructor’s daily practice. This class allows more time for individual observation of practice, and some formal instruction. For practitioners with at least two years of experience.

Restorative – Props are used in various combinations and configurations to support the body. In this way, the body opens passively, and with time. Unnecessary straining is eliminated; relaxation and centering are restored. This ninety minute class is geared toward all interested students.


Beginning – Get clear and learn how to move through your vinyasa. You will be led step by step through an introductory vinyasa flow. Plenty of instruction and direction is provided by the instructor. All levels are welcome.

Gentle sunrise flow (heated) – Flow through movement that allows the body to open and relax naturally at floor level. Release chronically held muscles, reduce stress, and restore your energy reserves. Geared toward all interested practitioners.

Conscious flow – Heat your body internally while facilitating a focused, calm mind. All soft tissue will be engaged and opened. Classes include guidance of pranayama, asana with handson adjustments, as well as careful explanation of pose break downs. Class ends with a cooling, restoring final sequence. Geared for practitioners with at least one year of yoga experience.

Vinyasa, all levels – Connect your breath to each movement and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. This class is open to all levels, modifications or enhancements will be made based on students’ needs.

Vinyasa, Core Focus – You will link breath with movement, strengthening and stretching your body with emphasis on core stability. Strengthening your core is the basis for a strong yoga practice.

Power Heated – You will enhance your flexibility, strength and stamina. Taught in a heated room, this style of power vinyasa yoga flows through poses and sequences linked to breath. You will reduce stress while working towards a cleared and rejuvenated mind. Geared toward those with at least one year of practice.

Ashtanga Primary Series –Align the body with the breath to build poses and strength. Knowledge of foundational poses will lead to an integrated practice designed for progression and can lead you on your path through yoga. Geared for practitioners with at least six months of experience.

Class Schedule