April 3, 2015


M/Bundles are a pricing option that will finally give you the freedom to arrange for and only pay for the fitness regimen designed for and by you. They can be used for any group fitness or yoga class at M/Body.

(Fine print boring stuff: Each class you take is based on a set number of units, each unit is 15 minutes. When you purchase a 10 hour M/Bundle, you receive 40 units to use in your account. For example, when you take a one hour class, 4 units will be deducted from your account. All units purchased within a M/Bundle expire 12 months after the date of purchase. M/Bundles cannot be used for personal training or small group sessions or spa services. )

Unlimited Class Pass

The Unlimited Class Pass will give you the freedom to take unlimited classes for either one, three or six month time frames.

Gift Cards*

Want to share some freedom with another? These online gift cards can either be sent electronically to you or the e-mail recipient you dig the most! That lucky recipient can either print it out or kept on his/her phone to be scanned at check-in. Gift cards can be used to purchase drop-in classes, M/Bundles, or Unlimited Session Passes, or retail merchandise.

Add Money to Your Account*

If you would simply like to add money to your account you can use this option. You can then choose at a later time how to apply the credit.

*These options will take you directly to the MindBody online store for M/Body